United We Troll 20/7/2017

Senior prank. Near impossible at my school where the most harmless toilet paper wad on the ceiling is considered vandalism- a serious offence. Out of the question for my class, stereotyped to be 100% model students just because we take all 3 sciences instead of 2. (The stereotype is quite true). Amusing stories of seniors sleeping in hallways or filling the entire school with balloons before they graduate is something that belongs only in the fantasy of social media. For the same reason, I cannot upload the hilarious photo of my entire class standing out in blue uniform in a sea of white running attire during morning jog.

It was not an intentional attempt to rebel. My class would never find it in us to do so. In fact, the incident happened due to the obedient nature of the class and our attitude towards school rules. Upon receiving notice that the track would be occupied during morning jog, the chairperson assumed that jog was cancelled and reminded us to adhere to school rules and don full school uniform.

Technically, not being in the correct attire warrants a minor offence. However, because it was unintentional, and involves a class of 42, we were let off the hook- no run and no minor offence. Of course we would be making up for the missed run on another morning but I do look forward to it 🙂

This was not the first time school rules were broken with “offenders” escaping unscathed because of their sheer number. Usually, people who were not at their respective places for assembly would have to endure a harsh scholding.  That day, many in my cohort were confused by the seating arrangement even though it did not vary from the norm and were stranded even when the national anthem began playing. Nothing happened after pledge taking, we just shuffled sheepishly to the spectators stand and scrambled to find any free seat.

Unknowingly, we have had unforgettable moments that add new dimension to our otherwise monotonous student life. It also truly highlights that numbers can overthrow unjust authority. Certainly I am not saying my school system is unjust, nor am I encouraging people to do what we accidentally did on purpose.  I just wanted to share this story because it is as though I have finally gotten a taste of real-life Mallory Towers, a childhood favourite book series 😉



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