Analogy: Puzzle

I am a puzzle piece equipped with a paintbrush. While I can paint new designs onto myself to blend in with the hundred other pieces, I cannot change my shape to make myself a part of another puzzle without cutting parts of myself away.

I am a puzzle piece equipped with a paintbrush. I have the choice to stop by a stationery shop and pick up one of two things, a blade or extra cardboard.

Choosing the blade means removing the parts of my identity that aren’t mainstream where I am, thus ‘finding my place’ in the puzzle called society. It is not worth the sacrifice for people who do not truly love you, who cannot accept you as every part of who you are. Choosing extra cardboard means becoming my own puzzle, adding puzzle pieces as I gain inspiration from the puzzles I visit.

Using the paintbrush means I get to be inspired by those around me, to add unto myself the admirable qualities of others without also inheriting their less desirable traits. With the paintbrush, I am not a clone, I am a work of art, the masterpiece of my life.

It is tempting to fit in, to find a sense of belonging, but we forget that the parts of us that we left out to fit in will cause us to feel lonely too. Instead of this unrewarding experience, why not continue building onto ourselves as individuals while remaining open to other unique puzzles join us to form a collection? That way we become accepted as a whole!

I recently heard a sermon about how the world places overemphasis on individuality while community is neglected, however I believe that each individual tends to favour either one over another when they are equally important. Some think other humans are fit sacrifices for personal gain, while others are willing to give their identities up to find ‘friends’. We are unique and thus are able to serve the Lord with our talents and recognise Him in our weaknesses. In our differences, we are able to have personal encounters with Christ that differ from one individual to another. Only when we embrace our differences can we see the ultimate common ground that is Christs’ love which includes us all.

Yes, I finally posted this after 25 revisions. It was going to be part of an upcoming post 😉 but I ended up having too much to say 🙂 Hope you like it!


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