Advent: A Time of Preparation

img_20161205_180016Making way for Jesus in our hearts.

Blessed Christmas! I did a fast on selected social media accounts. Especially those that brought a lot of negativity into my life. For example, snapchat where a certain friend is constantly wallowing in self-pity, or my private Instagram account which follows people who constantly rant etc. It only dampened my mood, and I was of no help as I couldn’t seem to empathise and only secretly thought of these people as making big issues of trivial problems. Since so, instead of doing no one any good while sinking deeper into sin due to becoming negative myself and mocking others struggles, I acknowledge my shortcomings in this area and evacuated losing battle grounds.

The grand problem is that of ‘Unselfishness’. Note, once again, the admirable work of our Philological Arm in substituting the negative unselfishness for the Enemy’s positive Charity. Thanks to this you can, from the very outset, teach a man to surrender benefits not that others may be happy in having them but that he may be unselfish in forgoing them.

-C. S. Lewis, Screwtape Letters

Reminder that there should be a purpose behind fasting! Eg forgoing more negative platforms for more positive ones or using the time to help out around the house (which I didn’t do so much) or in prayer.

p.s. I’m quite amused by the fact that I broke my snapchat streaks to build a prayer streak with Him.




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